Don’t let your podcast guest spot go to waste

Freddy Cruz

Podcast “guesting” gives you the perfect chance to turn that interview into a stream of newsletter content and social media posts.

by Freddy Cruz

Congrats on that killer podcast appearance. You did great. You didn’t fumble over your words. You didn’t talk too fast. Heck, you didn’t even say “umm.” Kudos.

It’d be a shame if all the time and preparation you put into that interview were wasted on what some podcasters deem an obligatory post: a simple “Thank you blah blah show for blah blah!”

Back in the day, that would have sufficed. But not now.

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Don’t get me wrong: many a podcaster sees you, the author, as the content, and is thankful to have you join their show. Their download numbers demonstrate the value you brought to the table.

But what about your audience? How will you, the guest, use that thirty-minute conversation to “milk the content cow”?

You see, podcast guesting works not only as a method of reaching new audiences, but also nurturing the audience you already have. You have readers—fans, if you will—who clamor at everything you write and say. You earned their eyeballs and ears. So give them what they want: more of you.

Easier said than done, you say.
I don’t have a social media department, you say.
Writing is more important than posting on social media, you say.

While that may all be true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that people want to see more than just a weekly newsletter or occasional social media update.

You earned their eyeballs and ears, so give your fans what they want: more of you.

Your fans want to hear your stories. And podcast guesting is only the first step to giving them a peek behind the proverbial curtain.

Giving your fans more of what they want has never been easier. And more important.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (save your eye roll for something else), you can use a podcast appearance to create multiple pieces of social media and newsletter content.

Transcript programs like Riverside can help you pull quotes. Use those quotes to layer them over a prefab Canva template. Or use a video program like OpusClip to create over twenty social media clips in a matter of minutes, complete with captions, emojis, and static overlays.

These are the most effective ways for you to create a content cornucopia, and they’re either free or cost very little.

In a world starving for content, make sure you put your guest interview skills to work for you. Your readers will thank you. And so will your future self.

Freddy Cruz is the founder of Speke Podcasting, a podcast agency based in the Greater Houston area. When he’s not shouting about his love of podcasting from the virtual rooftops of the internet, you can find him nose deep in a book, snuggling with his dog, Sparrow, or running on the trail (and trying not to sound like a horror movie villain).

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