To craft an engaging read, step outside your comfort zone

Kalee Boisvert

A book coach was instrumental in bringing this writer outside her comfort zone, helping her keep readers engaged by combining the logical side of finance with the creativity of storytelling.

by Kalee Boisvert

Hello, fellow book enthusiasts! Let me take you on a journey from my early days of loving books to the exhilarating moment when I finally saw my own creation sitting proudly on a bookstore shelf. From the time I was a young bookworm, I’ve held an unwavering fascination with the written word. As the years rolled on, my passion for books only intensified, culminating in a defining moment when I stood before a bookshelf, lost in thought and imagination. The idea struck me like a lightning bolt: I wanted to write my very own book!

Fast forward to when I had been working in my career for about a decade, I found myself in my office one day, talking aloud about my desire to write a book. As luck would have it, a perceptive colleague overheard my musings and promptly handed me a business card. This card turned out to be a golden ticket: an introduction to a book coach who would help me navigate the often daunting path to becoming an author.

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Taking the plunge, I reached out to this seasoned guide, sharing my vision of creating a book that would empower and enlighten women in the realm of finances. My goal was clear: to bridge the gaps I had identified in existing financial literature. With her sage advice, I embarked on writing the book.

Her first piece of counsel? Start with an outline. Armed with determination, I meticulously drafted an outline that mapped out the core lessons I intended to convey. Eagerly, I presented my work to her, ready to take the next steps. Little did I know that her expertise held yet another layer of guidance. She encouraged me to infuse my writing with anecdotes, real-life stories that would breathe life into these crucial financial lessons. Essentially where I currently stood it was just too boring!

The concept of blending storytelling with financial education seemed as alien as trying to perfect your golf swing (I’m not athletic). My analytical mind, accustomed to crunching numbers, struggled to fathom the connection between the stock market and storytelling. It was a puzzle I couldn’t quite solve.

I was determined to craft an engaging read that would captivate readers from the very first page. And it worked!

Recognizing my roadblock, my book coach gently nudged me out of my comfort zone and into the realm of imagination. Through a series of thought-provoking prompts, she guided me in crafting scenes that transported me far away from the realm of spreadsheets and equations. It felt like a delightful throwback to my school days, where I relished the opportunity to spin tales of my own creation.

And then, like magic, a breakthrough happened. The chasm between my logical side and my creative essence began to close. I shifted my perspective from that of a financial educator to a storyteller—someone who could weave financial insights into relatable anecdotes and personal experiences. This shift breathed new life into my book, igniting a spark that would lead to its evolution.

My mission was clear: I aimed to birth a book about money that would be as gripping as a suspenseful thriller. Gone were the days of drab financial textbooks—I was determined to craft an engaging read that would captivate readers from the very first page. And it worked!

No longer did I fear churning out a dry and uninspiring financial piece only to be read dutifully by my biggest fan, my mom. By unleashing my imagination and tapping into creative writing, I birthed the book that I intended to write: an engaging and entertaining book about money.

My heart swelled with joy as reviews for my creation, Make Money Your Thing, arrived. Readers marveled at the sense of intimacy and camaraderie, likening the experience to a heartfelt conversation with a trusted friend about all things financial.

My transformation from book lover to published author is a testament to the power of stepping outside of your comfort zone. My journey began like so many other authors, with a simple dream of writing a book. But it evolved into learning a valuable skill of blending the worlds of finance and storytelling. Guided by the expertise of a seasoned book coach, I ventured into uncharted waters, stepping away from the familiar realm of conventional financial teachings. The outcome? Make Money Your Thing came to life as a dynamic, relatable, and captivating read. It’s a testament to the notion that embracing the unknown and infusing our pursuits with determination can lead to truly captivating outcomes.

Kalee Boisvert has been in the financial industry for over fifteen years. As a single mom and financially independent woman, Kalee is called to support women in their financial lives. She felt the pull toward a career that would allow her to pursue this deeply personal goal to advocate for women and their money, which led her on the path to becoming a financial advisor.

To further her efforts supporting financial literacy, Kalee has two books being released in 2023: a children’s picture book called MoneyWise Mabel’s Bursting Bank and a non-fiction book called Make Money Your Thing!, which aims to build confidence and empower people in their financial lives.

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