Dare to achieve: how to make your writing dreams reality

G.S. Gerry

Focusing on the things that are within your control, this author says, leads to less worry and helps you master your life and your writing.

by G.S. Gerry

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
—Michael Jordan

Desire is what separates the dreamers from the achievers. If you have ever had a desire to write a book, or have been on the fence for some time about whether to write a book, the answer is clear. It can be summed up with three simple words: just do it! There is nothing stopping you from crafting the next great novel or the next bestseller. The only thing preventing any of us from doing anything, including writing and publishing a book, is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of what others will say. Fear of <insert reasoning>. Don’t let fear stop you from achieving your dreams. There is only one rule: never stop trying. The moment you stop trying is the moment you fail. Failure is the other side of the coin to success. Harness your fears and use your failures to create your next great success.

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We are all as unique as our fingerprints. That is the ultimate asset for us as humans. Our uniqueness gives us a different perspective, a different lens to share our story with the world. Use that uniqueness to shape your writings and bring your amazing stories to life. Everyone has a story. What’s yours? My story is much different than yours, and your story is much different than someone else’s. That is the great allure of sharing your story using the written word. If you succumb to fear and are afraid to fail, how will anyone else hear your story? How will others learn from your unique perspective? They won’t, and they can’t, if you are unwilling to overcome the fears bottled up inside of you.

The question is not, “Why is this happening to me?” The right question is, “What can I learn from this?”

Everyone’s life is filled with experiences, both good and bad. Positive and negative. These experiences are the ingredients for your stories. Some of the best stories are based on true life events, and great writers find a way to use their experiences. Your experiences are the creative edge, but only if you have the right mindset. How we respond to adversity shows our true character. How can you take charge of your life and take control of your experiences so that your experiences don’t control you?

For me, it’s about focusing on the positive and asking the right questions. There is so much negativity in the world that it’s easy to let thoughts of doom and gloom consume every aspect of our lives. Once you transform your way of thinking and realize that bad things happen to good people every day, the easier it will be to take back control. The question is not, “Why is this happening to me?” That is the wrong question. The right question is, “What can I learn from this?” Using a different perspective and asking the right question allows you take back control over the situation and the circumstances in your life. You go from being a victim of the situation to using that situation to create a solution, which usually is a positive.

Learn to become a master of your experiences and infuse those experiences into your writing. Life is outside of your control, but how you respond to the situations life throws your way is entirely under your control. Focus on the positive, count your blessings, and stop worrying about things that are outside of your control.

Every situation is an opportunity to create something new.

If you have the desire to write a book, do it. Nothing is stopping you. Leverage your experiences, overcome your fears, and apply your unique perspective to unleash something truly amazing on the world. Don’t just be a dreamer, be an achiever. The recipe is simple.

G.S. Gerry is the award-winning author of Meth Murder & Amazon. He is a father of five, Navy veteran, cybersecurity expert, and tattoo enthusiast who is reinventing the art of storytelling and writing wrongs along the way. Gerry’s original writing style has been compared to the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, and Lemony Snicket. His books are quirky and utterly unique, jam-packed with humor, suspense, and satire.

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