Can you smell it? It’s the aroma of brand-new books

Timothy Pike, editor-in-chief
A Letter from the Editor

Watch out, ChapterBuzz, here comes the next batch of seedling novels-in-progress that we’ll be cultivating into fully grown, published books over the next year.

That’s right: October 1st marks the start of another 10K Novel-Building Challenge!

If you’re a writer, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get started on your novel.

If you’re not a writer, you’ll love seeing all the new stories taking shape next month. The support you give to your favorite authors—by offering your feedback and sharing their brand-new chapters with your friends—will be valuable beyond measure.

As always, three deserving writers will take home awards at the end of the Challenge. These awards will recognize both the popularity of their books-in-progress as well as raw writing talent.

It’s exciting! And it’s right around the corner.

Also exciting is what we have lined up for you in this month’s issue of Books & Buzz Magazine. Here’s what’s inside:

Michael Mohr, Pushcart Prize–nominated writer and freelance book editor, is back with some wisdom about writing a novel. The way he makes it sound, if he had a dollar for every client that wanted to rush the writing and editing process, he’d be retired by now. His advice? “Be patient. Respect the process and the craft.” Sure, Michael says, it takes “every ounce of your energy and attention and respect,” but in the end, it will be totally worth it.

With six books now for sale, award-winning author Shirley Holder Platt knows a thing or two about writing and publishing books. But she also knows she couldn’t have done it without help. “Being indie doesn’t mean you go it alone,” she says. “There are lots of people involved if you do it the right way.” Including—you guessed it—our community at ChapterBuzz. Find out what other lessons she learned along the road to writing success.

Finally, Tiffany S. Doran calls us to action with another of her signature pep talks, this time focusing on each of our personal definitions of success. “I saw myself as successful when I typed the words ‘The End’ on my first novel,” Tiffany says. But her aspirations go far beyond that, and yours probably do, too. Let Tiffany’s words motivate you to keep going.

On the cover this month is Karla Martinez, a Tier III Newcomer Author who’s quickly gaining prominence on ChapterBuzz. After encountering—and overcoming—seemingly more than her fair share of obstacles in life, she continues to face life (and writing) head on, and her future is as bright as the blue sky outside my window right now. Her recently published novel, Don’t Let Go, is available for you to read in our brand-new Hot Off the Press section, where you can read published novels by authors in our community.

I can’t wait to read the novels that emerge this fall, and I hope you feel the same way. But for right now, kick back and relax with your new issue of Books & Buzz Magazine!

Happy reading,

Timothy Pike
Editor-in-chief, Books & Buzz Magazine

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