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Timothy Pike, editor-in-chief
A Letter from the Editor

Book enthusiasts rejoice, because Tim’s Discovery List just keeps on growing!

As we press forward in our quest to find Every Self-Published Book Worth Reading, independent authors and bookworms alike continue to contribute their favorite self-published books for all of us to discover.

Tim’s Discovery List is an Excel spreadsheet, full of books and reviews, that I recently made available for download.

Whether you’re an avid reader who simply wants to discover new authors, or you’re a writer who would like to see the book you wrote on the List, we welcome your addition. Let us know about an outstanding self-published book, and I’ll make sure it gets added to the List.

It’s a brand-new month, and we have a brand-new issue filled to the brim with literary delights. Here’s what awaits you in these virtual pages:

Gracing the cover this month is Terry Shepherd, a Jacksonville, Florida–based author who only recently started writing thriller novels, and already has two under his belt. What struck me about Terry was how interesting his life has been, and how many different hats he wore prior to becoming a successful fiction author. His real superpower, though, is making his characters feel like they’re real people. Terry talks about where he gets the inspiration for his lifelike characters, why he moved from Michigan to Florida, and how he feels when he holds one of his books in his hands for the first time.

Then, Rachael Tamayo, bestselling author and avid reader, joins us again, this time with three favorites from her lockdown reading list—including a moment of controversy when she bravely admits to not being a fan of the Twilight series. “I like vampire books as much as the next person,” she insists. “I mean, I read Dracula (the original) for God’s sake.” Find out which paranormal series Rachael recommends instead, and see what else she’s been reading.

Next, W.L. Hawkin, author of the Hollystone Mysteries series, reveals her simple secret to unleashing a river of words onto the page. “Stop thinking,” she says. “It can block the creative process.” Turns out, one of the most powerful ways to connect with your writing muse is to meditate, and Wendy describes this process in detail. You’ll also hear about the time she turned to singer Peter Gabriel for writing inspiration, and why she never (ever) wants to be called a “pantser.”

Finally, Doug Lawrence, author of You Are Not Alone, shares some of the mental health research he’s been conducting. “When we look at the support structure for mental health,” he writes, “it is hard not to see a support structure that is failing,” It may come as no surprise to hear that suicides are on the rise and families are under stress as the pandemic continues taking its toll, yet Doug’s work fills him with hope. “I can be a part of the support structure for someone,” he says, “on the path to healing.”

Quick—while there’s a lull in your day—grab a few moments of peace and quiet, pour something to drink, and enjoy this month’s issue of Books & Buzz Magazine.

Happy reading,

Timothy Pike
Editor-in-chief, Books & Buzz Magazine

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