It’s party time! Join us for the September Book Reading Party

Timothy Pike

by Timothy Pike

In just a few months, when we start putting away the beach balls, hanging our towels up to dry, and switching out our iced coffees for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the event of the year will be upon us: the September Book Reading Party.

It’s just like a book fair, except it takes place in the comfort of your home. All of the published books we’ve been working so hard on this past year will be on display and available for you to read—and you’re highly encouraged to lounge around and read ’em all!

Then, at the end of the month, one of these books will receive the most prestigious literary award we’ve ever handed out: Book of the Year. It’s an achievement that comes with quite a prize package, including free publicity and a year-long premium membership to ChapterBuzz.

These are the books we’ve been hard at work on all year. In fact, you may have given feedback to some of these same authors and helped make their books even better—and poised to win Book of the Year.

But it’s not just about authors and their books.

Since book reviews play a crucial role in determining our winner, we’ll also be crowning a Reviewer of the Year—an award that recognizes excellence in book reviewing.

Readers, meanwhile, receive an equally delightful prize: a treasure trove of fantastic published books (and book reviews) to discover and enjoy.

This September, there’s a little something for everybody!

Be sure to RSVP to the September Book Reading Party, and if you’re a writer wishing to enter your book in the Competition, get all the details here.

Timothy Pike is the founder of ChapterBuzz and editor-in-chief of Books & Buzz Magazine, and specializes in helping authors publish beautiful books on Amazon.

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