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Timothy Pike, editor-in-chief
A Letter from the Editor

There’s a lot going on in our ChapterBuzz community this month.

As I write this, October’s 10K Novel Writing Challenge has just come to a close, and I’m getting ready to announce award winners. The Challenge, which takes place every March and October, encourages writers to give and receive feedback on their works-in-progress—an excellent way to form a solid foundation for a novel—and last month we set a record for exchanging the most feedback. It won’t spoil anything to tell you that we’ve got some excellent novels in the works on our site.

There’s also a brand-new way to show support for your favorite ChapterBuzz authors. Just in time for the holidays, I’m introducing ChapterBucks—credits that allow writers to become Author of the Week so they can get their names and stories in front of more people. This, in turn, means more Fans, Fame, and feedback for them. You can read all about how ChapterBucks are a much-appreciated way to give support to those writers who are eager to show the world what they can do.

Finally, you may have noticed a familiar face on the cover this month. Around these parts, Tiffany S. Doran is known for the energy she puts into her work, her good-natured personality, and the confidence she exudes—oh, and for a romance novel called Desires of the Heart that’s a mainstay on the ChapterBuzz Top 20. In this issue, you’ll read about how Tiffany, a busy mom of three, is finding success one day at a time, and taking it all in stride.

Then keep reading, because you won’t want to miss these features:

Allison Marie Conway had a surprising revelation: hanging on every word from her favorite writer was actually holding her back. In her November Art & Soul column, she talks about how cutting this person completely out of her social media feeds helped her find her own personal power and potential.

Missouri-based novelist Piper Punches is back with another excellent article, this time about book signings. Spoiler alert: you don’t need to be a famous author, or have a book deal with a New York publishing house, to organize a successful book signing event. It’s easier than you might think, and Piper’s article is packed with helpful tips.

If you’re not a writer, author Allison Maruska would like to let you in on a few secrets: specifically, five things authors wish readers knew. For instance, did you know that often, it’s your compliments that keep us writers going? Your opinion can be very motivating, as it turns out. And there’s more we’d like you to know.

As the first few flakes of the season start to fall, settle in next to the crackling fire with Books & Buzz Magazine. You’re sure to learn lots from this issue!

Happy reading,

Timothy Pike
Editor-in-chief, Books & Buzz Magazine

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